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Jun, 2018 |
Halligan Foam Roof Coating

38,000 SqFt Immediate Reduction in AC and Much Cooler

We at Jeff Davis Living Center in Jennings, La had our roof spray foamed by Mr. Peter Halligan and  he completed the job in about 2 weeks about 38,000 Sq ft . We noticed immediately the inside of the building was much cooler and our A/C units are not running near as much ( I have 7 units 5 tons each ) which does make for a substantial savings on my electric bill and also want to thank Mr. Halligan for his professionalism in explaining the qualities and benefits of using the spray on roofing verses other materials.

We had a small hail storm last week and the roof was not affected one bit.

If you need roof repair you won’t regret contacting Halligan Foam Coating of Houston.

Jeff Davis Living Center
1338 N. Cutting Ave.
Direct Line 337-788-7275

Thank you Brent Montou NFA,
Jennings, LA 70546

Posted: 2018
Posted by: Peter Halligan
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